Bethsalem Care and GreenBriars Village are operated by Christadelphian Care Services (SA) Incorporated, which is a member owned organisation. Members of South Australian Christadelphian Ecclesias are encouraged to become members of CCS(SA) Inc which gives you a share in the ownership of the organisation and allows you to have an input into the direction of the association.

Your annual membership subscription will support us financially, however we also encourage you to be involved through volunteering, and ask you to remember the work of caring for the elderly in your prayers.

Please complete the following fields and press Submit. We will issue you with a membership notice by email, which includes information on how to pay you subscription. Payment can be made by B-Pay, PayID, Credit Card, cheque or cash.

If you wish to contribute more than the modest annual subscription of $40, donations are essential to our ongoing financial viability and all contributions are gratefully received. Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.

To discuss membership, please contact our admin team on (08) 8321 0300.






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